Nyahbinghi of Culture

Nyahbinghi was associated with violent values ​​and with revolutionary elements. The Nyah were publicly identified by their long hair, the Dreadlocks, and by the sacred but challenging and antisocial use of marijuana. The Nyahbinghi within the current Ras Tafari I movement is a long term which in addition to its original meaning also covers other important aspects of cultural life, including: 1. The Nyahbinghi order, a section within the Ras Tafari I movement in general, also recognizes the Theocratic Government of Haile Selassie I. The members of the first generation Nyah are part of the formation of the Rasta movement.

2. Rituals of worship and worship are sponsored by members of the community. Nyahbinghis ceremonies are regularly celebrated on various dates throughout the island of Jamaica. Annual celebrations include the birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I (July 23), the date of the coronation of the Emperor (November 2) and the Emperor’s birthday in Jamaica in 1966 (April 21). The Nyahbinghis also perform “Assemblies” or “Congregations” which are considered to be “divine services.” 

3. Music with drums, dance, and palavars are part of the celebration and worship and are also called Nyahbinghi. As part of a resurrection given African beat, the song Nyahbinghi or Heart Beat is tied to the harps of King David,
Nyahbinghi congregations usually last from three to seven days, time for the community to gather and revitalize the Ras Tafari faith through activities such as playing drums, singing prayers, reading Bible passages, smoking marijuana, and dancing. At the center of the Nyahbinghi celebration is the Tabernacle where the ritual takes place. With the colors of the flag of Ethiopia (green gold and red), the Nyahs call Israel their providential destiny. 
– “Africa yes, Jamaica, no!”, “Jah calls the singers and instrument players”, “Repatriation now!”.
The Nyahbinghi Tabernacle is the circular room of the rainbow throne (represented by the colors of the Ethiopian flag), the sacred power of the ground from which emanates the earthquake, light, thunder, fire and sulfur of Armageddon. The “chalice” (chalice, Rasta pipe) passes from hand to hand and back from the altar, ritualistically activating the symbols of heat, air and water, the primary forces of creation. Through Word, Sound and Power (Word, Sound & iwah) faith is united with the Creative Head (Ras Tafari) in a kind of mystical telepathy, which aims to sing the fall of BABYLON to rid the land of wickedness and restore the natural order of Creation and its original state of perfection.

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