The Ethiopian Anthem is chanted at the opening and sealing of all ceremonial occasions and gatherings and at the hoisting of the Ithiopian flag.

Ithiopia the land of our Father
The land where our JAH loves to be
As the swift clouds are suddenly gathered
Thy children are gathered to thee
With our RED, GOLD and GREEN floating o’er us –
With our Emperor to shield us from wrongs –
With our JAH and our future before us-
I n I hail and I shout and I chant.

(chorus)  JAH  is our NEGUS NEGUS I
Who keeps Ithiopia free – (to advance)
To advance with truth and right – truth and right
To advance with love and light – love and light
With Righteousness leading
I n I hail to I n I JAH and I King
Imanity pleading one JAH for us all.

O Iternal thou JAH of all Ages.
Grant unto to us sons that lead
Thy wisemind thou has given the ages
When Blackman was sore in need
Thy voice through the dim past has spoken
Ithiopians now stretch forth their hands
By JAH shall all barriers be broken
And Mount Zion bless our dear Motherland.

Ithiopia the Tyrants are falling
Who smote thee upon thy knees
Thy children are lovingly calling
From over the distant seas
Rastafari the Great One has Heard us
JAH  hath noted our sighs and our tears
With the irits of love  JAH has brought us
To be one all through the trodding years.