The Nyahbinghi Man must abide by the laws of  His Imperial Majesty.

 He should abide with one Queen as a perfect example set by His Imperial Majest Emperor Haile Selassie I.

The use of flesh, drugs, alcohol and all harmful articles of food must be forbidden by all. Nyahbinghi Man is non-violent, non-abusive and non partisan.

He must be free from all criminal activities as a true son of JAH Rastafari.

Whoredom, adultery, fornication and all sinful acts is an abomination to the Most High.

 It is the sole duty of every Nyahbinghi Man to see to it that love and harmony be maintained on every Nyahbinghi gathering.

Intimate relationships with whites is strictly forbidden.

A Nyahbinghi Man should not abide with a woman who is not of Rastafari livety.

It is the duty of every Nyahbinghi Man to properly maintain his children and raise them in the order of righteousness.

It is wrong for a Nyahbinghi Man to trim and comb his children, this is an abomination.