A Priest of the Nyahbinghi Order is ordained by JAH Rastafair.

This is thus revealed by the individual’s works and ivine livety over a number of years.  He must be a man ivine livety with the p0rophecy as a guideline. The Priests administrate around the alter of the Tabernacle and leads the congregation in prayer as well as the sanctification of the new born sons and daughters of the Iyahbinghi Oder.

The Nyahbinghi Periest can have his Queen as did Aaron, Zadok Etc., but must be of ivin qualities, abiding by JAH laws.

The Nyahbinghi Priest must be one of justice who carries out his works without partiality. He must maintain an “Ital Livety” making sure he does not defile the temple of the living JAH with abominable flesh.

The signature of the Nyahbinghi Priest must be affixed to all official documents of the Order of the Nyahbinghi.