The Nyahbinghi House (Jamaica) meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month for general reasoning.  At theses meetings various topics are discussed and decisions taken. 

The meetings are opened with Hala Chants and Prayers followed by an opening remark by an Ilect of the Priesthood. This is followed by an update by the Ilect of Records on past reasonings after which matters arising from old and new issues are discussed.

Representative of the Priesthood, Ilect of Records and Treasury must be present at these reasonings and , if there is a need for intensive planning and work to be done, then these meetings are held every Sunday.

Contributions towards the House Treasury are received at these meetings and the House reserves the right  to dismiss or disallow any individual from attending these meetings.

Discipline, Tolerance and Overstanding must prevail at all times to ensure perfect harmony.

Everyone has the right to make suggestions and have their opinions heard at these reasonings which are open to all sons and daughters of Rastafari but one voice must be heard at all times.

As  words without works is in vain, the fruit of all reasonings must be progressive works.