The Promise Key


Gong Guru Maragh
(Leonard Percival Howell, 1935)


I wish to state to you my dear Readers, that Ethiopia is a Country of great contrasts largely unexplored and is populated by Black People
whose attitude towards this so called Western civilization has not changed within the last six thousand years.
The people are Christians while retaining Primitive customs. The result is that the Black People of Ethiopia are extraordinarily blended into
a refined fashion that cannot be met with in any other part of the world.

In 1930 the Duke of Gloucester undertook one of the most interesting duties he had been called upon to execute up to this date. The
occasion was the Coronation of His Majesty Ras Tafari the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the conquering Lion of Judah, the Elect of God and the
Light of the world.

The Duke was to represent his father The Anglo-Saxon King. The Duke handed to His Majesty Rastafari the King of Kings and Lord of lords a
Scepter of solid gold twenty seven inches long, which had been taken from the hands of Ethiopia some thousand years ago.
The Duke fell down on bending knees before His Majesty Ras Tafari the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and spoke in a loud voice and said.
“Master, Master my father has sent me to represent him sir. He is unable to come and he said that he will serve you to the end Master.”
On one side of the Scepter was inscribed: “Ethiopia shall make her hands reach unto God” and on the other side “I the King of Kings of
Ethiopia” The top of the shaft was finished with a seal and above was a golden cross in which a single carbuncle was set.
The Scepter was a magnificent piece of workmanship and had been designed from an historic piece in which the special ceremonies of His
Royal Highness of Ethiopia, Earth’s Rightful Ruler.

The Duke also handed to Queen Omega the Empress of Ethiopia a Scepter of gold and ivory. The shaft is in the form of a spray of lilies and
at the top a spray of lilies in bloom.

It was a brilliant ceremony; the church began to be filled. The Ethiopians were brilliant in special robes having discarded their precious
white robes, and wore Jewels of great value.

The men’s swords were being heavily ornamented with gems. On their heads they wore gold braided hats, in which the covered lion’s
manes were to be seen. In contraction then were the solar note struck by the women who were heavily veiled, and wore heavy cloaks.
His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega the King of Kings drove to the Cathedral in a Coach drawn by six white Arab horses.
Queen Omega in a Robe of Silver and the escort on mules wearing lion’s skin over their shoulders, forming into procession outside the
Cathedral. King Ras Tafari and Queen Omega the Royal pair, the escort and a line of Bishops and Priests entered the guest rank obeisance.
King Alpha sitting on his Throne, homage was done to him by the Bishops and Priests fulfilling the 2Ft. Psalm. The ceremony took 10 days
from the second day to the eleventh day of November 1930.

King Alpha was presented with the orb spurs, and spears and many other mighty emblems of His High Office, Dignitaries of the world power
presented King Alpha with the wealth of oceans.

The Emperor attended to most of his preparations for the reception of his thousands of guests himself, and day after day could be seen
rushing about in his scarlet car seeing how the white laborers were getting on with the new road he had ordered that the lawns he had laid down be
attended to and that the extension of the electric lights throughout the city were being hurried on.


All the Churches Religious system of today claims to represent the Lord God of Israel; but the Pope who is satan the devil, false
organization is a hypocritical religious system that has three elements, first commercial political and ecclesiastical, to keep the people in ignorance
of their wicked course.

Money powers are the great bulwarks of their organization and they use the Religious elements as a smoke screen to keep the people in
ignorance of the truth.

The false teachers under the supervision of the Pope of Rome who is satan the devil. The agents of his speaking lies in the churches and let
the people walk in darkness.

My dear Readers you can see that all their foundations of the earth are out of course. Allow me to say that there is no throne for the Anglo
Saxon white people, they must come down and sit in the dust on the ground there is no throne for them.

King Alpha was wroth with us the Black People and had polluted our inheritance for 2520 years and had given us into the hands of the
Anglo-Saxon white people, they showed us no mercy therefore evil shall come upon them suddenly. Now let the Astrologers and Stargazers stand up
and save the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom from the vengeance that shall come upon them suddenly.


The glory that was Solomon’s greater still reigns in Ethiopia. We can see all the Kings of the earth surrendering their crowns to His Majesty
Ras Tafari the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Earth’s Rightful Ruler to reign forever and ever.

Upon His Majesty Ras Tafari’s head are many diadems and on His garments a name written “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”, Oh come let
us adore him for he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of Judah, The Elect of God and the Light of the World.
His Majesty Ras Tafari is the head over all man for he is the Supreme God. His body is the fullness of him that filleth all in all. Now my dear
people let this be our goal, forward to the King of Kings must be the cry of our social hope. Forward to the King of Kings to purify our social
standards and our way of living, and rebuild and inspire our character Forward to the King of Kings to learn the worth of manhood and woman-hood.


Dear inhabitants of this world King Ras Tafari and Queen Omega are the foundation stones of the Resurrection of the Kingdom of Ethiopia.
Their prayer and labour for our Resurrection is past finding out; no library in this world is able to contain the work of their hands for us, for
they work both day and night for our deliverance.

As for this generation of the 20th century you and I have no knowledge how worlds are build and upon what triggers Kingdoms are set.
In King Alpha’s Encyclopedia he will explain to us all, how worlds are being built and upon what trigger Kingdoms are set on. He will also
explain to us the capacities of generations.

Speaking for the Universe and the woman-hood of man Queen Omega the Ethiopian woman is the crown woman of this world. She hands us
Her Rule-Book from the poles of supreme authority she is the Cannon Mistress of creation.
King Alpha and Queen Omega are the paymasters of the world, Bible owner and money mint. Do not forget they are Black People if you

Owing to the universal rend of our ancient and modern we are at this juncture of our history scattered over the Globe into little sectional

All our local bands throughout the globe are bent towards King Alpha’s Royal Repository, the Royal Authority, is to admit all Bands, Mission
Camps, Denominations into the supreme Royal Repository.

Queen Omega being the balming mistress of many worlds she charges the powerhouse right now.

Ethiopia is the succeeding Kingdom of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom. A man of greater learning and a better Christian soul, than King Alpha is
not to be found on the face of the Globe. He makes the nations heart rejoices with raging joy, we give him the glory. Ethiopia rulebook leads us into
different departments of the Kingdom, the records of the Kingdom are with us unto this day. The Regulations points us to the basis of the Kingdom.
Many will not see the truth, because they are spiritually blind. The woman of Samaria first refused to obey the request of our Lord because
she was spiritually blind. But when the great Physician opened up her eyes and healed her of her infirmities concerning her many husbands in the city
of Samaria, she found out that her first teachers of denominations throughout the state or country of Samaria were false. Then she cried aloud unto
the inhabitants of the city and said “Come see a man that told me all that I ever did and is not a native of Samaria but an Hebrew, is not this man
the very Christ.” Our cities of today are inhabited with the same qualities of people as it was in the days of Jesus and the woman of Samaria.


The healing plough of the repository transplanted and re-builds our very soul and body without fail. The misery of the land is healed by
fasting. King Alpha picks us up from out of the midst of the raging misery of the land and hides us from the raging wolves of the land into our Balm
Yard. What is a Balm Yard? A Balm Yard is a Holy place that is wholly consecrated to God Almighty for the cleansing and healing of the nations.
Where only the Holy Spirit of God alone is allowed to do the Royal work of healing. Who does the balming work? Consecrated men and women that
the Holy Spirit moves upon the blazing altar of their soul and endowed them with power that they command and handle the infirmities of the

Have we any authority from King Alpha? Yes we are vessels of the divine honor. Have we any authority from the world? Assuredly yes
indeed, King Alpha signs for our destiny and gave us His Supreme Affidavit a trillion centuries after the end of eternal life.


First and last every soul for admission must be believers in the power of King Ras Tafari the living God.
An admission fee must be paid in advance from four shillings up according to the power and duration of the miserable infirmities whereof
one is afflicted (Special Notice).
Sometimes King Alpha has to perform special medical attention.


King Alpha said Bands are not by Ministers, they are by the Priesthood not after the order of Aaron but strictly after the Royal Order of King
Ras Tafari the King of Kings of Ethiopia.

Revivalists are not common people, if some individuals of the lower order in the dung heap happen to get into the world by mistake he or
she will soon get out and hang him or herself. The reason why revivalists would have not been lightened up with radiance before now, King Alpha was
awaiting for the Delegates of the Resurrection of the Kingdom of Ethiopia and King Alpha’s work is strictly perfect and He and Queen Omega do not
business with Anglo-Militant white people nakedness.

King Alpha said that a Balm Yard is not a Hospital neither is it an obeah shop. People that are guilty of obeah must not visit balm yards nor
in the Assembly of Black Supremacy. No admittance for Fortunetellers witch and old hag. No admittance for obeah dogs none whatever, no
admittance for ghost, witch, lizards, no admittance for Alligators, Snakes, Puss, Crabs, Flies, Ants, Rats, and Mice, and Lodestones, Pin, and Needles,
John Crows, the Ravens and Candles, fast Cups and Rum Bottles and Grave Yards are not required.

People’s clothes, a beast hair and fowls and Grave dirt not wanted. The Woman’s baby will strive in her belly, and your Snake and Lizards
will not be able to hurt her. For your ghosts will come right back to you. For this is Ethiopia’s balm yard and we do not have leprosy. For ghosts only
visit the leper’s home.

This poison is for all bad spirits it is No. 666 it is good for the Pope of Rome and the Monarch of hell bottom – you will not be here to
grudge, or obeah or rob the people nor breed up the young girls and treat them like dog.

You will not plant your obeah self with no man or woman so that we who are King Alpha’s children cannot get rid of you until the obeah
rotten. Science my dear King your black and white heart obeah factory is up side down. Take this rankin dose of fatal deadly poison and leave for
God’s sake, do it quickly. By Supreme law of King Alpha the King of Kings, you will not blind, give big foot or sore, or turn any more children across
the woman’s belly and kill her baby when it is born, nor any time after. Every good looking man’s wife you see you want to cohabit with her, you
rotten gut snake, and anywhere a man put a business you go there to kill and drive away, you dead cold horse.

This pole is Black Supremacy owned by King Alpha the King of Kings now Ethiopia knew the perfect value of Holy Baptism under water, for
King Alpha taught us how to appreciate the power of holy baptism.

Now we the Black People have no pardon to beg white supremacy, no favor to ask her for she is an acknowledged deceiver. From B.C. 4001
to A. D. second score, she faked all Christianity.
Black Supremacy the Church Triumphant has denounced her openly for baptism is a very important subject to Black Supremacy.


The King of Kings of creation the first and last said “Blessed are they that searcheth the deep things on the tree of life for His wisdom is
deep and is past all finding out.” Thus said the living God and owner of life, to overcome white bondage and filth and black hypocrisy amongst your
own black skin you have to fast hard or the white man is very filthy and the black man is an hypocrite and hypocrite means a crook, a filthy man that
class of white folks who cut with the crook – they are called Black-White.

Always have a basin of fine or coarse salt on your fast table as long as God is your ruler. When you break your fast do not throw the water
over your heads the trouble will fall on you. When you are all ready with your cup in hand the Elder will ask is it all well with thee, everybody shall
say together “all is well with me” then the Elder shall ask again “Who will bear a true witness for the Tree of Life?” all shall say “to the Living God
will God help me for life” and the leader shall say “follow me with your cup of trouble to the burying place of sin and shame”.
Then everybody walk quietly and respectfully throw away the water, then come in and wash your hands and face and be happy feeling
satisfied and revived and lovely. House to house fasting is very powerful, it lifts the work and removes devils from homes of those in distress. Once a
week for the general assembly is all right. A love feast every three or six months is needed.


Mount Africa the world’s capital, the new Bible land, the triumphant lot is for King Alpha own lot until this day. Slave Traders called the
world’s capital, Jamaica British West Indies. Before the Adamic deadly diseases poisoned the human family with fallen Angels, blue murders, there
has been only one perfect language on the face of the globe. Therefore the Anglo Militant fallen Angel tongues are not appreciated by His Majesty
King Alpha the Monarch of Life. Thus said Ras Tafari the living God to creation vast Rome has deceived the race of man, and has killed the mortal
supreme monarch Ethiopia’s glory is no guesser long before this world was Ethiopia’s glory has been running Contrillion of centuries ago. Ethiopia’s
Repository will change and qualify the fallen Angels deadly poisonous indomitable lying tongue. Stupidity is the most they get out of the various
tongues spoken by the majority. Ninety-five out of every one hundred do not know what they do or say, any ghost can fool them at any corner.


Black Supremacy has taken charge of white supremacy by King Alpha and Queen Omega the King of Kings. Instead of saying Civilization
hereafter we all shall say Black Supremacy. Just takes this drench of indomitable fury and move for the Church triumphant right from the bridge of
supreme authority.

Black Supremacy will promote the mortals of every shade according to our powers to go. The Black Museum will be opened day and night
for life. Education will be free and compulsory to all mortal beings, if you are not an enemy of black Supremacy.

Man and women can marry right in School if you are of a respectable proportion of dignity. Black must not marry white nor white black,
race enmity.

Always be a respectful diplomat, always give an intelligent reply to every person that approach or write you on any subject always ask for
the full value inside the nature of any written subject. Do not put your quick judgment on any person confidence is quick to move, just what the
people are that is just the state of your government. Do not follow the Court House and Doctors they will fake you to death. Do not marry any
divorced person it is a curse, stick to your own wife and husband.

Do not watch and peep your wife or husband, you are only digging a grave for yourself. Do not try to make your wife or husband or family
feel small because you have got more college filth in your head, hold them up, they are the cause of you being what you are. I know thousands of
college hogs and dogs, professional swines; also some very fine people.


His and Her Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega said that they do not call ministers to Black Supremacy banquets for ministers are not
working for him they are following Adam Abraham Anglo-Saxon the leper. Legislators said one man cannot serve two masters.
Adam Abraham the leper is boss for ministers and lawyers because all they teach and preach about is Adam-Eve and Abraham the leper.

For they do not see one book in the Bible written by Adam and Eve or the book of Abraham or book of Isaac. According to the clearness of this case
there is nobody name Adam Eve and Abraham.

If you ever touch the slave papers they catch you sure as His Majesty Ras Tafari lives. The officers and soldiers at camp that have power
and influence are well posted by King Alpha the King of Kings, their names you will not know.

Legislators said one man cannot serve two masters. Ministers say they can’t work with Adam and Eve and work for King Alpha and Queen
Omega the same time. Abraham the historian said despise the both of them; lawyers said you got to find fault with them, the judges said leave the
Alpha and Omega out, because they are black and skin for skin.


The Adamic tree of knowledge and Eve the mother of Evil, see Genesis 2nd chapter. The Adamic apple tree my dear leper your name is
Adam-Abraham Anglo-Saxon apple tree, that look pretty and respectable to your eyes don’t it? Yes indeed-gross beauty is the Queen in hell, and
Royal leper Adam and Eve and Abraham and Anglo-Saxon are all white people if you please.

King Alpha and Queen Omega said they are Black Arch Sovereign of most Holy Times, and perfect Virginity, and Supreme Crown Head of
Holy Times the Pay Master and keeper of the Perfect Tree of Life and creators of Creation, Dynasties and Kingdoms, Holy Genealogy and Holy
Theocracy and Celestial in Terrestrial Mediator if you wish to know their profession. The Eternal Come Back King Alpha the Monarch Sovereign
PayMaster and Owner of this world. Just make one Eternal come back at His Pay Office.

King Alpha and his wife Queen Omega were here on earth before if you please. Old Alpha the Lion of Creation said to Queen Omega please
hand me the Pay Roll and the Militant and Balance Sheet. And your Majesty will mount His Excellency’s Great Circle Throne and throw Old Theocracy
above the Wheel of Holy Time, right into Holy Eternity to the Lion of Alpha and Omega the King of kings forevermore.

King Alpha and Queen Omega are Black People if you please. They are commonly called the Exodus if you please, the book of Exodus is
theirs if you please. Notice if you see Moses and Aaron and Abraham gave any strong report of King Alpha and Queen Omega in their fake Bible if you
please. Well since a man has right to pay without work, this world can also work with pay.

There is no book in the Bible for the Anglo Saxon Creation, there is no book of Isaac or his father Abraham in the New Testament.
King Alpha the Most Sacred and Everlasting God, Heaven and Earth’s creator, said that Adam Abraham-Anglo Saxon whit people are not
entitled to any eternal reward according to his schedule.

My dear Ethiopians. Ethiopia is the crown head of this earth field since heaven has been built by His Majesty Ras Tafari the living God.
Thank and praise the ever-living God as long as eternal ages roll.

King Alpha and Queen Omega said they are our parents, and the keeper of the Tree of Life. He and his wife are not any family at all to
Adam and Eve and Abraham and Isaac and the Anglo Saxon Slave Owners; for that is exactly how His Majesty King Noah the Black Monarch was
drowned at Antediluvia by Adam Abraham the Anarchy.

Judge Samson lost his tribunal and life by marrying the Philistine white woman. See how the Philistine Judges plotting out riddles with the
woman how to get him.


The AMERICAN rapers Ku-Klux-Klan and Mob Lynching policy! These unfortunate ones are the outcome of the advance Rate on the AngloSaxon
slave train. The Advance Rate means in time of slavery, the white slave masters committed boisterous fornication with the black woman that
were taken slaves.

In those days the black men held no opportunity to (Rate) that is, to lie with white women. Therefore, while the black men’s blood was
burning up in their bodies for the sexual sup-port of their own women the white slave masters took away all the best black women and committed
boisterous fornication with them and called it Advance Rate. That is how the third class people came into the human vein.

In those days this act was called the Advance Rate of white supremacy; it is the universal spirit of abuse that manifests itself that the
common class black man are now raping the common class white woman.
Both rapers and mob lynchers and Ku-Klux Klan are to be shot down from off the face of God Almighty’s beautiful earth.



The Ethiopian Question is this: The continent of Ethiopia is that national. She is that rich national woman that has charmed the men of
nations to be with her.

After a time when they all have lived and cohabited with her they all broke her down and left her and persecuted her.
That is just how all nations manage to soak through the Ethiopian woman of prosperity. She had too much sympathy for the perishing
nations whose lives are riotously lived until this day.

Slave traders went into Ethiopia and damaged her seeds, beyond any earthly cure. Because she had too much sympathy for willful idlers of
various nations. They went into her, robbed her lands, money and took her seeds to be slaves.

Today she and her children have no power in her own land, or abroad. All that Ethiopians have to do now, is build anew. Get out a new
dictionary and a new Bible, and a new Board of Education and Money Mint. The outfit shall be called Black supremacy; signed by His and Her Majesty
Ras Tafari and Queen Omega the King of Kings, head of this world.

The lesson learnt by slave traders through Black Histories is well preserved. We have given our blood, souls, bodies and spirits to redeem
Adam Abraham Anglo Saxon the white A. D. second score at his astonishing stop. He is still infested with indomitable, incurable, accursed, deadly
disease. We have given him access to the tree of life, we gave him the Garden of Eden, we gave him Egypt, we gave them Daniel and the body of the
Black Virgin, the mother of Jesus and they took Joseph also.
We gave ourselves to be slaves for hundred of years. We gave up King Alpha and Queen Omega the first and the last. Now we are disgusted
with them, we wash our hands of them for life.


His Majesty Ras Tafari alone with his bona-fide Lion hearted wife Queen Omega King of Kings, most Living and Eternal, and Ever Living
Sovereign owner of Life, the Biblical Sovereign of this World.

His Majesty Ras Tafari the Bible Owner of Holy Times denounced the Bible Militant also the Militant Dictionary. And take off the Black man,
his posterity’s from off the Anglo Militant Slave Train at Nationality and planted the Church Triumphant. The Black Supremacy on triumphant soil the
world’s capital the new Bible Land, the isles of Springs the same country that the Anarchy called Jamaica British West Indies. Black Supremacy’s
greatest men and women are sub-ways and air masters of every shade, they sleep in bed and eat with you, and you do not know what triggers your
life and destiny is on the Gods of laws are my students said the King of Kings, the air you are breathing this minute is for King Ras Tafari. The barbed
wire eternity is his; the brimstone is his. I want you to know that the firmament is his. When He speaks to her she obeys His Royal Voice, His and Her
Majesty Ras Tafari and Queen Omega and we the Black People that is King Alpha and Queen Omega seeds will be here in gross prosperity as soon as
the Anglo Saxon white peoples all die out if you please.

King Alpha and Queen Omega are the typesetters for time and eternity if you please. The keeper of the tree of life, owner of the Zodiac,
owner of this earth; they are the Ethiopian Kingdom owner, if you please. Adam Abraham Anglo-Saxon the leper has no place in this earth if you


His Majesty Ras Tafari said: now sweet heart my dear wonder, just take this drench of perfect wonders and live with me for life. His
Majesty King Alpha and Queen Omega being the keepers of the tree of life said, Dear heart before we take charge of the Guest Chamber of Creation
He said that they had to clear God’s perfect reputation and the tree of life. They are requested to call the medical powerhouse of this world and
have their best physicians to (loose) the Virgin matrix and give them a crown diploma of our dignity.

The Royal name of this Ethiopian dignity is called Black Supremacy, by the Sacred Order of His Majesty Ras Tafari the living Creator, the
living God, and Earth Superior, the master builder of Creation, the perfect Royal Head of this World. King Ras Tafari and Queen Omega the King of
Kings and Lord of Lords, the conquering Lion of Judah, the Elect of God and the Light of the World, the First and the Last, the beginning and ending.


Black People, Black People arise and shine for the light has come and the glory of the King of Kings is now risen upon thee. Let not the
preachers of the white man’s doctrine persuade you to turn your back against H. M. Ras Tafari the Lord God of Israel. Every man was created for the
earth in order that he might have and enjoy the fullness of the richness of the Earth.

The white man’s doctrine has forced the black man to forsake silver and gold and seek Heaven after death. It has brought us to live in
disgrace and die in dishonor. Now we the black man have found out that their doctrine was only a trick, and all their intention was to make
themselves strong and to fool the black man.

As I G. G. Maragh speak unto you, this is a very serious affair and must not be forsaken. The wise black man woman and children gaining
knowledge diligently toward the truth of H. M. Ras Tafari Kingdom must be had before one could possibly receive the truth, for he is King of Kings
and Lords of Lords, therefore he is earth’s rightful ruler. In this name alone will the black people receive happiness. His throne is forever and ever
and a Scepter of righteousness is the Scepter of his Kingdom.

Woe be unto the preacher of the white man’s doctrine a hypocrisy or devil worship. There are millions of persons of good will who see the
cruel unjust and wicked things done in the Church organizations in the name of God.

It is the will of H. M. Ras Tafari that such persons of good will may have an opportunity to get knowledge of truth. May I state that all
reasonable persons who hear the truth should readily see that the Pope of Rome and his preachers are Ras Tafari who is the Lord God of Israel’s
great opposer and greatest enemy. Persons of good will to the Kingdom of H. I. M. will live forever. The other will remain dead forever.
Woe be unto them that forsaketh H. M. Ras Tafari as being God Almighty, they shall be cast into hell both body and soul.